Winter Olympics 2014: Six workers fall from roof at bobsleigh venue, confirm Sochi Games organisers

Posted: January 17, 2014 by kirisyko in Injuries, News, Winter
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 They were working at the Sanki Sliding Center when the snow went out from under them

Organisers for the Sochi Games in Russia have confirmed that the maintenance workers fell whilst clearing a “large amount of snow”.

Technicians for the Associated Press reported seeing the snow slide away, taking the workers with it off the roof.

Early reports suggested one was taken away on a stretcher. However, it would appear they all escaped serious injury.

“All six employees received immediate medical attention,” Sochi Games organisers told The Independent. “Five workers were taken to hospital and are being treated for minor injuries, three of which have been since discharged.”

The accident occurred at the Sanki Sliding Center, which will host the bobsleigh and luge events at next month’s games in the Russian Black Sea city.

The AP witness estimated the roof was 10 metres from the ground and that the workers appeared to be harnessed to the building.

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