Bodyboarders take control of the IBA World Tour

Posted: January 16, 2014 by kirisyko in Bodyboarding, Water
Bodyboarders take control of the IBA World Tour
IBA World Tour: bodyboarders take control

The 2014 world bodyboarding tour will be held under a one world ranking system, with all events being Star-rated and sanctioned by the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB).

A revolution is taking place in professional bodyboarding. The newly-formed Association of Professional Bodyboarders will control the planetary circuit, in a completely new format.

“In a sense, we are going ‘back to the future’ to use a model that promotes growth. All events that meet the minimum prize-money and standards will be rated on the 2014 world tour”, underlines the team behind APB.

The 2014 world men’s tour will consist of the Top 28 riders in the world, determined off previous years’ one world rankings. The first stage of the 2014 season will the Pipeline Pro, to be held between February 18th-24th.

“This is a pivotally event and year for bodyboarding. I will be my best with the support of the riders and staff to maintain the highest level of quality for the 2014 Pipe Challenge”, states Ben Severson, the Pipeline Pro organizer.

Teahupoo (Tahiti), Zicatela (Mexico), The Box (Western Australia), Pipeline (Hawaii), El Gringo (Chile), South Coast (New South Wales), Fronton (Canary Islands), Nazare (Portugal) and Cave Rock (South Africa) are examples of the premier spots which IBA wants to explores.

The IBA Pty Ltd will continue to run events on the IBA World Tour, and the APB will oversee their operations and assist where needed to ensure the best outcome for the sport and the athletes.

The APB was formed with a paramount goal to control the direction of the sport and to represent the elite athletes as the established governing body. The APB will not run the world tour, but simply stabilize the sport.

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  1. eric collins says:

    The main reason the APB is a farce is that pro bodyboarders never elected these representatives. This sport is being hijacked by a few people that are using their cult of personality to push forward their own agenda without any true democratic process in place or public representation. There is no oversight concerning the APB and there are no assurances that transparency will exist. Many of these members are manufacturers and their presence on the APB board compromises contests scores and ultimately the event results.

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