Vans Releases awesome BMX Video Titled ‘Pontklyn’

Posted: January 15, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike, Bmx

The Action Update

Sure, the folks at Vans might be known for their skateboard clothing line and videos but we’re often reminded just what kind of influence they have on the world of BMX. Well, the 48-year-old company sent out another viral reminder earlier this week, with their latest video titled Vans France: Pontklyn.

Shot in black and white – which is sometimes a nice change – with an interesting soundtrack, Pontklyn features to Vans France riders, Jeeremy Muller and Nicolas Badet, as they take on the Pontklyn cement park. The two riders might have completely different styles, with Muller more of a trails guys and Badet more of a freestyle park rider.

The video was shot very well and features all different kinds of tricks – both big and small. It’s one of the best bike videos we’ve seen early on this year. Check it out for yourself:

More please, Vans!

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