Sochi 2014 Olympics USA Athlete Profile: Shaun White

Posted: January 2, 2014 by kirisyko in Snowboarding, Winter
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Nathan Bilow-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the Winter OlympicsShaun White might not be the first name that comes to mind, but after the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, he’ll have two more gold medals and be a household name.

White made his Winter Olympics debut in 2006 in the snowboarding half-pipe event where he set a scores record of 46.8 (out of 50) and won his first gold medal. He followed that up with another record setting performance in the 2010 Winter Olympics with a score of 48.3 points in the snowboarding half-pipe event.

This year White will be competing not only in the snowboarding half-pipe event, but also the snowboarding slopestyle event.

It’s typical to see White dominate any event he enters, whether its on a snowboard or a skateboard, but a couple nagging ankle injuries have kept him from doing so during recent qualifying events. White finished third in the U.S. Grand Prix slopestyle contest, but it earned him enough to officially qualify for the Olympics and put him No. 1 on the United States roster.

While it’s unusual to see White lose, as long as he’s 100 percent healthy by the time the Olympics begin then he should have no problem winning gold in the new slopestyle event. The same can be said for half-pipe, an event that is probably White’s best whether it’s snowboarding or skateboarding. For Sochi, White has added a new move to his arsenal, Double Cork 1440, and even released video of himself pulling off the trick at a training session in Australia.

White is the best in the business and he will continue to prove it in Sochi. Coming home with anything but two gold medals will appear as a failure, but White will make sure to bring home his gold and become a household name.



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