The king of surf “Mr Kelly Slater”

Posted: December 29, 2013 by sykose in Surfing, Water
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In Numbers: Kelly Slater

– Like many men in their late 30s, Slater is an avid golfer. He has a handicap of 5.

– In 2004 Slater finally completed his Masters degree in Criminal Law. He had been studying part time for 6 years. kelly slater slade– At the height of his fame Slater appeared on the world’s most watched TV show in the world. He played surfer, Jimmy Slade, for 8 episodes.

11 – Kelly Slater is the most successful surfer in history, with 11 ASP titles.

19 – There has been 43 end of year Surfer Poll awards. Kelly Slater has been named Surfer of the Year at 19 of them – a record.

20.00 – Slater was the first surfer to achieve a perfect score since the two wave scoring system was introduced. He did it first in 2005 in Tahiti and again in 2013 in Fiji.

39 – In 2011 Kelly won a record 11th title at the age of 39 – the oldest surfer to be world champion. Slater was also the youngest champion when he claimed his first title aged 20.

54 – Since turning pro in 1990 Slater has won 54 World Championship Tour events – the most of anyone. house reps kelly slater792 – In October 2009 Slater was honoured by the US House of Representatives when  Resolution 792 was submitted which recognised Slater’s ‘outstanding and unprecedented achievements in the world of surfing.’ It was passed the following year.

1998 – Kelly Slater formed a surfing supergroup, imaginatively called The Surfers, along with Rob Machado and Pete King. They released their debut album called ‘Songs from the Pipe’ in 1998.

3,500,705 – Slater has accrued the most prize money of anyone in the sport, making $3.5m over his 20 year career.

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