Dumb, drunk or pregnant: The top five reasons your travel insurance claims could be rejected

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Partying too hard on holidays could mean you won't be covered by travel in...

Partying too hard on holidays could mean you won’t be covered by travel insurance. Source:ThinkStock

HAVING too many drinks while on holidays could leave you not only with a hangover, but unable to make a claim on your travel insurance.

Intoxication is one of the top five most common traps for having your travel insurance policy rejected, according to research by finder.com.au

Being pregnant, participating in extreme sports or entering a danger zone

Finder.com.au spokeswoman Michelle Hutchison said many tourists risked a hefty medical bill should they be taken ill or have an accident overseas if they had invalidated cover.

“Holidaymakers should be mindful of the restrictions on their policies because for those that do end up making a claim the disappointment of a ruined holiday can be further compounded by refusal by their travel insurer to pay up,” she said.

The list was compiled the most common travel insurance clauses that void insurance claims by the nine travel insurance providers compared on finder.com.au.


Finder.com.au’s top 5 travel insurance rejections:

1. Being drunk

Travel insurance companies frown upon the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Most won’t pay out for anything that happens while under the influence, even if it’s legal.

2. Extreme sports

Bungee jumping, skydiving and other high-risk activities are generally not covered unless you take out adventure sports travel insurance, so make sure you’re covered otherwise keep your feet on the ground or risk having your claims voided.

3. Not declaring a medical condition

If your claim arises from a preexisting medical condition unless it was specified when you made the claim, you will not be covered.

4. Pregnancy complication

If you experience any pregnancy complications prior to your policy being issued they most likely won’t pay out.

5. Head into the danger zone

If travel warnings have been issued at your intended destination, standard holiday insurance policies won’t cover you. Always check government travel advice at smartraveller.gov.au

See more:http://www.perthnow.com.au/travel/travel-advice/dumb-drunk-or-pregnant-the-top-five-reasons-your-travel-insurance-claims-could-be-rejected/story-fnjjv9e4-1226787831006


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