Wingsuit jumper Brian Drake flies incredibly close to the ground

Posted: December 18, 2013 by kirisyko in SykOtic, Wing suit
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wingsuit flying

Is this the closest a wingsuit pilot has ever flown to the ground?

In the video, Brian Drake throws himself off the Ensa Couloir in Chamonix, France, and skims down a tight gully at speeds of up to 160mph in a ballsy show of wingsuit judgment and control.

The feet is the latest in a series of ever-more-impressive wingsuit jumps. Earlier this year Espen Fadness and his friends Jokke Sommer and Ludovic Woerth went in search of the perfect flight, flying under the arm of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, while Alexander Polli flew through a scarily narror hole in a rock face in Spain.

Speaking to Telegraph Men in November, Fadness explained how it feels to fly through the air on one of these extreme and adrenalin-fuelled base jumps: “It absolutely feels like I am flying. I do small movements with my shoulders and arms to control the way I move through the air.

“It tricks me into thinking I am turning into a bird for a short period. I know I am not, but that is how it feels. It is such a strange feeling doing something so inhuman.”

“For me, the perfect flight is the emotion of mastering something,” he says. “When I first started jumping, it was all about the adrenalin. Finding out what I was capable of doing was a big motivation.

“Recently it is more and more about my identity. I am motivated to chase my dream: to control my body during freefall.

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