Breath Taking Avalanche Escapes From the Pros

Posted: December 18, 2013 by kirisyko in Snowboarding, Winter
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Epic Avalanche Escape

Avalanches are the number one fear for the backcountry rider – regardless of whether they’re skiers or snowboarders. They are strong reminders that despite all the advances in technology and the growth and popularisation of mountain sports, riding down a mountain is still a dangerous past time. Even being seasoned pro is no protection from getting caught up in an avalanche, as these videos show it doesn’t matter how good you are..

This looks like something out of a Bond movie. During the Sverre Lillequist managed to trigger an avalanche during the 2013 Swatch Skiers Cup – it didn’t perturb him though and he managed to make a stylish escape.

Equally nonchalant is Maria Kuzma. When the snow gives way underneath her at the Verbier Extremes back in 2011 she’s left with little choice but to ride it out. When it eventually comes to a stop, she just stands up and brushes down her bindings.



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