Scenes from Philly’s first Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

Posted: December 13, 2013 by kirisyko in Bike, Cyclocross
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Dominic Mercier

In this week’s cover story, CP editor Paulina Reso gives a first-hand look at how the strange sport of cyclocross is taking over Philly. As part of her “research,” she raced in Sunday’s Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships, free-for-all, booze-infused, obstacle-ridden races held for the first time on the East Coast this year.

As I approached Parachute Hill, a steep incline that’s nearly impossible to ascend on a single speed, I heard shouting and caught a faint whiff of grilled meat and marijuana. The slope was now transformed into Heckle Hill, and spectators who had camped out for the day were ruthless in their taunts. “You know this is a race, right?” “Nice reflectors. Very pro.” Two men crouched on all fours to create a barrier for me to hop over as someone handed me a beer. I gladly accepted it, bracing myself for the treacherous stretch ahead.

Photographer Dominic Mercier braved the cold and the snow to bring us these shots from race day. 251 cyclists competed for the top spot, but only two — Adam Craig and Vicky Barclay — were awarded the coveted tattoo and golden Speedo or bikini prize.

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