Video: Incredible moment divers find man alive after 60 hours in sunken ship

Posted: December 5, 2013 by kirisyko in News, Water


Incredible footage has emerged of the moment divers recovering bodies from a ship at the bottom of the ocean found a man alive – almost three days after the vessel had sunk.

Ship cook Harrison Okene survived in an air pocket in the capsized Chevron tugboat, in pitch black and without any food, stay alive with sips of Coca-Cola.

He was the only survivor of 12 crew members on the ship, which capsized about 20 miles off the Nigerian coast in heavy swells in May.

A South African scuba diving team thought they were conducting a dead body recovery effort before Mr Oken saw a torch light and swam towards them.

Newly released video footage of the astonishing rescue shows the team reassuring Mr Okene as they prepare to bring him to the surface.

‘My hands and feet were very white,’ he told The Nation. ‘When I located him [the…

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