Emma Welch, 12, climbs ‘Everest’

Posted: November 26, 2013 by kirisyko in Climbing, Rock Climbing
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A 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL from Chilcompton has scaled amazing heights for charity by climbing the height of Mount Everest.

Emma Welch had to ascend an indoor climbing wall 1,209 times to reach the equivalent of the world’s highest peak.


Lesley Welch, Andrew Stammers Emma Welch and Tony Welch

She was raising money for Brain Tumour Research after being inspired by her Baptist Church Minister, Andrew Stammers, who, despite being diagnosed with a brain tumour, has completed a 100-mile canal walk to raise funds and awareness of the disease.

The feat is all the more incredible as Emma was diagnosed last year with scoliosis, an abnormal curving of the spine.

“I thought it was fantastic what Andrew did and it made me think about what I could do,” Emma said.

“I decided that this was my chance to prove that just because I have a curved spine it does not mean I can’t change things.

“If this helps to find a cure for brain cancer, then it’s definitely worth it.”

She was joined at the summit by Paul Keleher, who climbed Everest in 2012.

Mr Keleher placed the London 2012 Olympic flag on the summit of the world’s highest mountain.

Speaking after she had completed the climb at Writhlington Sports Centre Mr Keleher said: “It’s an amazing feat because Everest isn’t vertical and what she’s done is climb that distance vertically – it’s just inspiring.”

Brain Tumour Research’s chief executive, Sue Farrington Smith, said: “In order to fund a year’s research at just one Centre of Excellence we need to raise £1m so we rely greatly on our amazing fundraisers and supporters like Emma and Andrew.”

Brain Tumour Research was started in April 2009 to raise the awareness of and funding for scientific research into brain tumours and improve outcomes for brain tumour patients.

Guinness World Records confirmed that Emma would become the youngest person to climb the height of Everest on an indoor climbing wall.

Read more: http://www.wellsjournal.co.uk/Emma-Welch-12-climbs-Everest/story-20219292-detail/story.html#ixzz2lkwpsvW8
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  2. […] Emma Welch, 12, climbs ‘Everest’ (sykose.com) […]

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