Abu Dhabi triathlete hit while cycling on highway dies in hospital

Posted: November 20, 2013 by kirisyko in Bike, Injuries, Road cycling, SykOtic, Triathlon
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On rout to Abu Dhabi from Dubai on Sheikh Zaye...

An Abu Dhabi triathlete, Mehdi Karasane, who was involved in a crash involving a car while he was cycling on November 9, has died.

The news was reported on TriDubai’s Facebook page by the cyclist’s close friend Hamid Belkebir. TriDubai is a community of triathletes here in the UAE dedicated to furthering the sport among residents. Mehdi was an active member of TriDubai.

“This is it… My Soul Mate is Gone!!!,” Hamid wrote.

Mehdi, who worked as an Etihad cabin crew manager, was training with three other members of TriDubai when tragedy struck.

He was reportedly hit from the back near Exit 390 on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai road.

Mehdi was then admitted to the Al Rahba Hospital in Abu Dhabi, where he was reportedly on life support after undergoing multiple surgeries.

“Another serious accident with a cyclist hit from behind by a speeding car,” a Facebook post had read at the time. “This time at Samieh’s forest, which is off Exit 390.”

In September, 49-old Roy Nasr, a Dubai-based triathlete and co-founder of TriDubai was killed after he was hit by a car near Safa Park during an early morning cycle ride.

The drunk driver who accidentally ran over and killed Roy has since been punished by the Dubai Traffic Misdemeanour Court.
He has been sentenced for one-month in prison, his driving license suspended for three months and has been ordered to raise blood money (diya) of Dh200,000.

A Filipino driver, aged 24, confessed that he was intoxicated when he had crashed into Roy.

See more:http://www.emirates247.com/news/abu-dhabi-triathlete-hit-while-cycling-on-highway-dies-in-hospital-2013-11-20-1.528674

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