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Hot air balloon being inflated by its propane ...

If its adventure you are seeking when in Delhi, the top three destinations for you are Adventure Island, Hot Air Ballooning and Para Sailing, you need not go very far for these as all three are possible in Delhi NCR today.

Around a thrilling manmade lake in North West Delhi, lies a remarkable oasis, a place for excitement, entertainment and relaxation- Adventure Island. This unique family entertainment destination is a short walk or a quick rickshaw ride away from the Rithala metro station, on Delhi Metro Rail’s red line. Adventure Island is an extensively landscaped theme park complete with a lake, a lagoon, fountains, adventure rides, water rides, engaging activities, entertaining productions, rain dance, boating, camping, shopping, fine dining, international cuisines, hygienic Indian street food and more.

Two very exciting activities introduced in Adventure Island are balloon zorbing and paddle boats. Zorbing is real excitement as you enter a big ball and roll down and then let gravity handle the rest. You will be turning head over heels and the world will zip and flip around you at a feverish pace. Paddle Boats- International tri-cycle boats have been introduced recently. These allow guests to explore and enjoy the picturesque 7 acre lagoon at their own pace.

From path-breaking and adrenaline pumping rides to water rides and from kiddie spaces to adventure zones, Adventure Island features 25 exciting rides there is something for everyone. Sidewinder is a very popular ride here. Rotating in a pendulum motion this giant ride spins 240 Degree while riders enjoy a never before thrill of being swung around wildly. The loud roars of thrilled riders would draw you to this one. Minimum height requirement is 4.4 feet. Based on the Great Carnival theme, the daily live performances pack a punch of humour and spectators of all ages are enthralled by these. The talented artists infuse new energy and zing into magic, acrobat and dance. Adventure Village is a unique outdoor sports activity centre. This is the latest initiative from Adventure Island and is aimed at bridging the gap for a dedicated camping, adventure and recreational facility in the capital. Designed around the theme of a village, CAD will feature a bouquet of 30 activities ranging from Zipline and Burma Bridge toVelcro wall, Multivine, Bosun chairs and dirt cycling.

HOT AIR BALLOONING is an adventure sport in its infancy in India though the first hot air balloon was flown for the first time in 1753 in France. Since ancient times man has always had a desire to fly high in the heavens as free as a bird to see the beautiful world zipping below you. Hot air ballooning has found a lot of takers in the adventurous clan today as it is a fascinating adventure for children and adults. Children should be always accompanied by an adult for the sake of safety A joy ride in a balloon high up in the sky perched in a gondola or a wicker basket you get to see a picturesque view of the city from a delightful height. A view of the Qutab Minar, Red fort, India Gate, Jama Masjid and the Yamuna river from high up in the sky would get your spirits soaring and your adrenaline flowing. A single person can take the balloon up to 800 feet, whereas for groups, the height is restricted to 200 feet – 500 feet. The balloon speed depends entirely on the speed of the wind. The best time for ballooning is from the month of October to March, as the temperature remains cool during this period.

PARASAILING if what you have always wanted to do is fly, or jump out of an aircraft to dive in the sky then parasailing is what you will enjoy. It is a thrilling adventure sport which can elevate you up in the air towed by a fast moving jeep or a boat, the trees whizzing by and with the Aravalis as a backdrop this is definitely a sport in Delhi that you will find enchanting. It’s just like being a bird and is not as scary as it appears; it’s a sport that gives you wings gets you flying in the air. You sit in a swing seat at the end of a parachute, called a parasail. It’s attached by a winch and rope to a specially designed motorized vehicle (a speed boat over water and a jeep over land) to get you airborne. With the help of the launch crew the vehicle idles out into the wind until the towline is taut and completely extended. The vehicle then reels you out to an altitude of 200 to 300 feet. The actual flight takes 8 to 15 minutes and how high you fly is controlled by the vehicle’s speed.

You need not travel around the globe to experience adventure, it’s possible in Delhi, visit these three spots and enjoy a thrilling weekend.

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