Skydiving Kiwis Build Website in Midair

Posted: October 3, 2013 by JonoShmono "SykOse. Live. Extreme." in Air, Sky diving
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Chris Hirst and Leo Zhao say they’ve built a service to make web-page creation a cinch for everyone — even while skydiving.

Chris Hirst and Leo Zhao took to the air to promote their venture.

People go to great lengths to promote their products but Chris Hirst and Leo Zhao went a step further – right out of an airplane.

Mr. Hirst and Mr. Zhao, who teamed up to create Designbymobile, claim to be the first people to build a webpage in midair while skydiving from 8,000 feet.

They say their Kiwi start-up, which allows users to create a personal website using a mobile, tablet or desktop, is so easy to use that building a page can be done anywhere–and they set out to prove it.

“We thought we’d jump out of a plane and create and publish a web page on the way down,” said Mr. Hirst in a video about the jump.

“Actually, we jumped twice just to prove how crazy we are,” he added. In the first jump they took footage and then used it create a webpage on the second jump. The webpage includes video, images, text and a slideshow and took roughly a minute of the jump.

Designbymobile went live this week after launching at the Next Web conference in New York.

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