Nick making waves in water skiing

Posted: October 2, 2013 by kirisyko in Wake Boarding, Water, Waterskiing
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Nick Lodge who is representing Great Britain in South AfricaNick Lodge wh

A Brighouse man has been selected to represent Great Britain in a water skiing competition in South Africa.

Nick Lodge is jetting off in just over a week to compete in the Europe and Africa Barefoot Championships and is looking for sponsorship from businesses or individuals to fund it.

The 21-year-old will be out there for two weeks. He will train for a week before the four-day competition against competitors from ten different countries.

Nick trains at White Rose Water Ski Club in Brighouse and has been water skiing since he was four-years-old.

He was trained to be a whole rounder and can do wakeboard, knee boarding, slalom as well as barefoot which is what he will be competing in.

“Skiing barefoot is a lot faster than what you can do on a wakeboard or knee board. I ski at 44mph on the water which is quite fast, whereas with a knee board or wakeboard you go at speeds like 20mph.

“Not a lot of people do barefoot so I did a lot of training with the Great Britain team although at the time I didn’t ski for them.”

Nick who lives at Laverock Lane, Brighouse, will do various tricks in the competition including one foot toe hold (where he is holding on to the handle with his foot while standing on the other), and tumble turns (turning 360 degrees while on your bum).

“It can be quite nerve racking because you are competing against 200 people in front of their spectators, family and relatives. As well as people that just want to come and watch,” he said.

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o is representing Great Britain in South A

Nick Lodge who is representing Great Britain in South Africa

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