Local Red Flag Warning Tigé MyWake Global Challenge extreme sports contest this weekend

Posted: October 2, 2013 by JonoShmono "SykOse. Live. Extreme." in Wake Boarding, Water
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An example of someone wakesurfing.

Wakeboarders, wakeskaters and wakesurfers across the globe once again have a chance to claim international bragging rights with the opening of the second annual Tigé MyWake Global Challenge. 

The one-of-a-kind contest, open to riders of all ages, sex and skill levels, collected video submissions between June 1 – Aug. 31 with judges selecting monthly pro and amateur winners to receive cash, prizes and/or invites to the live contest in Sparks, NV on October 4-6, 2013.

The  virtual format of the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge allowed competitors to submit a video of their very best possible run to the judges. Monthly pro winners received automatic invites to the live final main event in Sparks, NV in a pro-am style contest to battle for the top podium spot behind a new and unseen Tigé boat.

To kick-off the highly-anticipated Live Main Event portion of its MyWake Global Challenge, Tigé has partnered with Day 1 Wake team rider Trevor Miller to attempt to become the first-ever athlete to successfully complete 24 consecutive hours of wakesurfing. The Guinness World Records team will be there to certify the attempt. The will begin Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 6 pm.

Public impacts at Sparks Marina:For safety precautions, the dog park and fishing pier located on the south side of the park will be closed to the public. Additionally, the City of Sparks’ Rangers are keeping all paddling or sailing crafts to the North side lagoon, close to the swim beach during the racing portion of the event.

Daily Schedule
Friday, October 4
•10:00 am Amateur Women Wakesurf
•10:30 am Amateur Men Wakesurf
•10:50 am Junior Girls Wakesurf
•11:10 am Junior Boys Wakesurf
•11:40 am Masters Women Wakesurf
•12:00 pm Masters Men Wakesurf
•12:30 pm Amateur Women Skim
•12:50 pm Amateur Men Skim
•1:00 pm Masters Women Wakeboard
•1:15 pm Amateur Women Wakeskate
•1:30-2:00 pm Boys Wakeboard
Saturday, October 5
•10:00 am Pro Women Wakesurf
•10:30 am Pro Men Surf
•11:00 am Pro Women Skim
•11:30 am Pro Men Skim
•12:00 pm Pro Wakeskate
•1:00 pm Pro Women Wakeboard
•1:30-3:00 pm Pro Men Wakeboard
Sunday, October 6
•10:00 am Pro Women Wakesurf
•10:30 am Pro Men Surf
•11:00 am Pro Women Skim
•11:30 am Pro Men Skim
•12:00 pm Pro Wakeskate
•1:00 pm Pro Women Wakeboard
•1:30-3:00 pm Pro Men Wakeboard

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