Freedom Climber: Four Exercise Experiences, Dozens of Individual Workouts

Posted: October 2, 2013 by kirisyko in Climbing, Fitness and Training, Rock Climbing, Speed climbing, SykOtic
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The Freedom Climber installed in a home build by the crew of Extreme Makeover Home Edition illustrates the space saving design of this rotating climbing wall system.

Terry McCall, inventor of the Freedom Climber (a non-motorized rotating climbing wall which has been featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and the DIY network’s Man Cave), has expanded the function of his unique wall system to include resistance training, body weight suspension training and vertical training. The space saving design, which has an incredibly small footprint of just 7 square feet and fits in rooms with 8 foot ceilings, can be installed in spaces the size of an average bedroom.

By adding additional functional training exercises to the system, McCall has created a fitness equipment that strives to provide an all in one workout experience.

At the recent CanFitPro Convention in Toronto, McCall and his daughter coached trade show attendees on how to utilize the system in a circuit format going from climbing to resistance training to suspension training to vertical training then back to climbing. Fitness enthusiasts know that climbing works every muscle in your body from your fingertips to your toes, but because of the continuous rotation of the Freedom Climber, climbing on the rotating surface very quickly becomes a cardio event. McCall explained how the Freedom Climber works: “It is the climber’s weight that causes the rotation. A non-motorized mechanism controls the rotational speed. As the climber climbs upward, the rotating surface rotates downward nullifying the climber’s ascent. The climber is going through the motions of climbing up but the downward rotation continually brings the climber back down to a safe proximity with the floor; thus no need for harnesses and ropes; and thus the name Freedom Climber.”

McCall added, “By simply creating a few connecting points to the perimeter of the wall, our system now incorporates the other functional training aspects as well. Now three people can be working out at the same time. One individual can be climbing, a second can be doing resistance training on the one side while a third is doing suspension training on the other side.”

It was the addition of two loop holds at about eye height that transformed the Freedom Climber into a vertical training wall that is extremely cardio in nature. Grabbing those holds and moving your body weight rapidly up and down the center of climbing surface is like doing wall sprints.

McCall says the cost of the system is roughly $8000.00. He notes that the advantage is you don’t need to give up a room. Just give up a wall and gain a fun, challenging fitness system for the whole family.

About Freedom Climber:

Freedom Climber is an innovative, rotating, non-motorized, climbing wall that provides a whole body workout in a safe, harness-free environment. The Freedom Climber is now installed in over 16 countries around the world in facilities varying from fitness centers to military bases to private residences to corporate offices to universities and schools.

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