Road cycling has become too individual with a lack of emphasis on team work

Posted: October 1, 2013 by JonoShmono "SykOse. Live. Extreme." in Bike, Road cycling
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Britain’s road cycling stars must learn from track success

Great Britain’s road cycling team isn’t big enough for both Chris Froome and Sir Bradley Wiggins. Normally you would encourage the backing of the younger rider, especially when he wins the Tour de France.

I believe, however, that if Wiggins was in the race and he had team backing then he would have done exactly what Froome did but better.

Wiggins fights for individual honours. (©GettyImages)

Wiggins fights for individual honours. (©GettyImages)
After the disappointment of the entire British cycling team at the Road World Championships in Florence, a team reality check needs to take place before the start of the new season.

It seems within the British team at the moment that a team performance always collates to individual victory within the team.

But this is when one star man is in the team.

It’s the team collection that has gone missing ever since the two all-stars joined forces. With the team  behind just one of these riders,  they experienced success, but these issues don’t happen on track cycling.

The velodrome, real entertainment to the viewers eyes. Events such as team pursuits bring out the best in a team and its always Team GB that excel in these events as well as providing stand out individuals such as Laura Trott and Geraint Thomas.

Its also the point that performers like Mark Cavendish can compete in both track and road cycling, out of all British cyclists he definitely gets the largest backing for what he has achieved and what he still can achieve – he is such a talent.

Does competing in both bring a larger picture to road and track cycling? No – they are two very different kinds of cycling in my eyes, the talent is there for Britain, and that is visible as seen by medals, trophies and jerseys won by British riders but the track cyclists should teach the road cyclists a lesson.

Teamwork will get you far.



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