Peak Hill about to be set on fire with street luge action

Posted: September 27, 2013 by kirisyko in Boarding, Street Luge
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Top class street luge action will be in Peak Hill the October long weekend.

Top class street luge action will be in Peak Hill the October long weekend.

The bitumen roads in Peak Hill will be burning when the Street Lugers arrive in town for the big Gravity Gold Rush over the October long weekend.

Reaching estimated speeds of 90km per hour, the rubber shoes which are used for brakes, will be SMOKING!!

The event is being held Saturday and Sunday, October 5 and 6.

A huge field of racers has already registered on the website  which was set up especially for the Peak Hill event.

Some of these racers have international standing.

With points awarded to each racer for the world title, they are guaranteed to put on some great entertainment with their different styles of Street Luge and Classic Luge boards.

Also featured will be the Gravity bikes, promising top speeds.

Those arriving early on Saturday will have the chance to win lucky cards that will see the winners “get up close and personal” with the racers.

They will even be allowed to “have a go” on a Luge board.

To add to the event, Australia’s only powered, twin jet engine(two 150lbs-thrust engines with afterburners) Luge board will be at the venue for everyone to see.

This jet powered board is being constructed so that it can beat the current world record.

The goal?

To achieve a Guinness world record speed of or beyond 200kph (124.27mph) for a Jet Powered Luge, beating the current speed of 115.83 mph (186.41 km/h), achieved by Jason Bradbury (UK), on August 9, 2011.

This amazing event will provide entertainment for the whole family.

People with enquiries about the event can contact 0407 072 813 or 0427 697 636.



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