Graeme Obree sets world record on Beastie bike

Posted: September 18, 2013 by JonoShmono "SykOse. Live. Extreme." in Bike, Endurance cycling, Road cycling
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SCOTTISH cyclist Graeme Obree has set a new world record on his experimental bike known as The Beastie at an event in the USA.

Obree reached a speed of 56.62 miles per hour, a new record for a bike operated from a prone position. Obree rides The Beastie head-first, with levers rather than conventional pedals driving the chain.

The Ayrshire cyclist is the former holder of the ‘hour record’ for greatest distance completed on a bike in one hour, and his story was the subject of 2006 film The Flying Scotsman starring Trainspotting’s Johnny Lee Miller.

Obree, 47, is competing in the World Human Speed Championships at Battle Mountain, Nevada. He plans to attempt another world record run later today.



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