Climbing wall owner defends actions after nine-year-old ‘choking’ incident

Posted: August 15, 2013 by kirisyko in Climbing, Rock Climbing
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An indoor climbing wall in the UK showing moul...

An indoor climbing wall in the UK showing moulded features and coloured route markers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE owner of a climbing wall has defended his actions after a nine-year-old was left ‘choking’ while suspended in the air.

Miranda Vallance was being lowered down on a rope when her safety helmet snagged on part of the plastic wall.

Josh Maye, of Josh Maye Mountaineering, which put up the wall, has apologised for what happened, saying an incident of this kind had never occurred in his business before.

He added that Miranda was less than 10 feet from the floor when the incident happened and that the situation was resolved in less than a few seconds.

“I believe that every action is taken to ensure that each participant has an equally safe and enjoying time while using the mobile climbing wall,” said Mr Maye.

“Obviously with any activity there is an element of risk, which is what makes such events so popular.

“Every climber is briefed on ascending and descending the wall appropriately.

“Unfortunately, on this one occasion Mrs Vallance’s daughter caught her helmet on one of the holds on the wall when descending and I feel that my actions were the quickest, safest and most effective at that time.

“Since then we have amended the Risk Assessment for the wall to now include caught helmets as this type of incident has not happened before.

“My staff have now been briefed on how to deal with such an event, if it were to happen again, in the most efficient way possible.

“Josh Maye Mountaineering is sorry this incident occurred.”

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