Popular Via Ferrata Climbing Route damaged by Rock Fall

Posted: August 14, 2013 by kirisyko in Climbing, Rock Climbing
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Rockfall (Photo credit: A.Davey)



TELLURIDE – Rockfall off Ajax Mountain last Saturday night has reportedly caused substantial damage to Telluride’s Via Ferrata climbing route, according to information provided by the Telluride Mountain Club, and anyone planning to climb the section should use caution until repairs are made.


According to TMC, the damage on the route warrants caution but managing safety on this section is still reasonable. Rockfall into the gully just west of the Hanging Forest has damaged a cable, bolt and possibly a rung, in addition to substantial terrain movement of large rocks and trees. Those most familiar to the area may notice large loose sections of natural terrain that are likely gone or dramatically altered.


A few bolts on the route were impacted by falling rocks but none are noticeably loose. Where the cable is damaged, climbers should clip into the rungs instead.


After the cable, where the tree was taken out, the trail is a bit rough. There is about 30 ft of climbing rope and a warning sign.


Check back to telluridemountainclub.org for more updates.



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