Review of clean-up after Ironman supporters scrawl graffiti on roads

Posted: August 12, 2013 by kirisyko in Ironman, SykOtic
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road graffiti Craig Rotheram with an example of the Ironman scrawlings on Rivington Roadroad graffiti Craig Rotheram with an example of the Ironman scrawlings on Rivington Road

A REVIEW of the clean-up process after the Ironman contest will be undertaken following complaints of graffiti on roads.

Belmont resident Craig Rotheram branded road markings which appeared between Rivington and Belmont “unacceptable”.

The cycling route of the triathlon takes place on 112 miles of Lancashire highways, and the markings had been daubed by supporters of the competitors, with messages like “Smash it Chris” and “Roll Redders Roll” being written on the road — in some instances they spanned the entire width of the carriageway.

Mr Rotheram said he had complained about road markings 2012, but the amount of graffiti had increased this year.

He said: “I live over in Belmont and regularly travel to Horwich via Rivington to see family and friends.

“As I drove over on the Friday night before this year’s event and I was dismayed to find the graffiti had increased tenfold.

“This is truly unacceptable behaviour.

“A few days later I drove back again and found 94 individual pieces of graffiti spanning a two-mile span of the cycling course.”

Bill Dawson, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for Chorley, said the authority was aware of the concerns.

He said: “The same has happened in past years and the paint has tended to wear off quite quickly due to weathering and being worn away by car tyres.

“With the weather being generally drier this year, we will monitor the situation.

“We already have a meeting scheduled with the Ironman organisers at the end of next week to discuss issues arising and we will bring this up to explore the possibility of a more proactive clean-up following future events.”

Kevin Stewart, managing director of Ironman, said: “We are aware of it and have been talking about what to do to try to head it off.

“If they use the right stuff it will wash away, but it looks like some people have used inappropriate materials and we need to talk about what we can do to stop people doing that.”


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