Hot Air Ballooning in the Serengeti

Posted: July 18, 2013 by kirisyko in Air, Hot air ballooning
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Serengeti landscape

Serengeti landscape (Photo credit: Woodlouse)

A hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti plains in Tanzania is a truly magnificent experience. Serengeti Balloo Safaris is the only balloon safari operator in the Serengeti and they have three balloons which they launch from various locations in the park, often depending on where the migration is likely to be. A Serengeti balloon ride has to be booked months in advance due to its limited availability.


Launching at dawn, rising as the sun rises, you gently float over the plains of the magnificent Serengeti.


serengeti zebras

serengeti zebras (Photo credit: Kylo)

Your Balloon Safari adventure starts early morning when you depart your lodge or camp. It is still dark and you may be fortunate to see nocturnal animals on the way to the
launch site.


When you arrive, you will meet your pilot and witness your balloon being inflated and prepared for launch.


After a thorough safety briefing and demonstration of boarding and landing position you board your balloon and lift off! Rising as the sun rises your balloon floats in whatever direction the winds of the day are heading over this wonderful area.


It is an adventure .You know where you have started, and you do not know where you will land as you float in the direction of and speed of the wind.


 Your pilot will use varying altitudes and layers of air to navigate the balloon over this amazing area. Each day is different, some of the flight may be low, offering a different perspective and at other times your balloon may climb to 1000’ or more.


Nobody can predict, no two flights are ever the same and your balloon safari will be unique. While impossible to guarantee particular animals, you are likely to see various species from above.


Hot air balloon being inflated by its propane ...

Hot air balloon being inflated by its propane burners prior to a dawn launch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your pilot knows the area well and is also a committed conservationist and will point out animals, birds and features of interest.


A balloon offers an opportunity to see the Serengeti from a unique perspective. You will notice wildlife trails made by generations of animals impossible to see from the ground.


After landing, you celebrate in the traditional way with a champagne toast (well, an excellent sparkling wine) before heading off to a special ‘Out of Africa’ breakfast. Breakfast is prepared in the bush and served under a convenient acacia tree. Linen, bone china, Sheffield cutlery and freshly prepared fare in the company of your fellow passengers makes a memorable finale to your adventure.


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