10 Outrageous Hobbies to Take Up this Summer

Posted: July 11, 2013 by kirisyko in Air, Hang gliding, SykOtic, Water
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The Vivant

Whatever you had planned this summer, cancel it immediately.

You’ll thank us later. By the time you’ve clicked through these ten extreme summer hobbies, that surf trip you had on the calendar will look like a total snooze.

But hiking the Appalachian Trail is extreme, you say. But fly-fishing in the Alps is difficult, you say. Do you see us yawning at you? Extreme hobbyists won’t settle for any pastime that doesn’t deliver a juicy, dripping dose of adrenaline.

These ten outrageous hobbies are sure to get your blood pumping this season, from dune-bashing in Dubai and tornado-chasing in the Midwest to locking eyes with Great White sharks in South Africa.


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