Parasailing Accident Victims’ Conditions Continue to Approve

Posted: July 9, 2013 by kirisyko in Parasailing, Water
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The conditions of the two Indiana teens injured in a parasailing accident a week ago continue to approve.

The family released their fourth statement Monday:

Monday, Sidney (Good) underwent surgery at Bay Medical Center to repair the neck injury she sustained in last Monday’s parasailing accident here in Panama City Beach. We are glad to report that the early morning surgery went well. Sidney will need to wear a neck brace for weeks to come as she heals. Her ventilator has been removed and she is breathing fine on her own and talking (softly) with family and caregivers. Another important victory, Sidney’s pupils are showing response now. This is a good sign that the swelling in her brain is subsiding.

Alexis (Fairchild) continues to improve and has been moved from intensive care into a normal hospital room and her rehabilitation sessions have increased to twice a day to help her with walking and returning to normal movements.

We (the families) would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support as well as the entire Bay Medical Center staff for the outstanding care they are providing. Lastly, we cannot express our sincerest appreciation to everyone back home for all they are doing for our girls.


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