Florida woman escapes alligator encounter while kayaking

Posted: July 4, 2013 by kirisyko in Kayaking, Water
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English: Digital photo taken by Marc Averette....

English: Digital photo taken by Marc Averette. Alligator on the Anhinga trail in the Florida Everglades (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Florida woman had to be rescued via airboat after a run-in with three alligators while kayaking in the Everglades.

“I think I went down the wrong trail,” Sarah Boynton told emergency dispatchers during the encounter on June 29. “I meant to go down the canoe kayak trail.”

Boynton’s kayak, which is inflatable in some portions, still bore the bite mark from the first alligator on Tuesday.

“All I remember is looking down and going, ‘Hmm. That’s a big square head. Hmm. That’s not a small alligator,’” Boynton said in an interview.

At that point, Boynton phoned for help but didn’t avoid danger despite managing to paddle her way toward solid ground, with the other two still nearby.

“I got very anxious and was very shaken up because what if I was still out there?” she said. “I let my primal fear take over.”

Fortunately for her, local authorities managed to reach her with an airboat before the situation escalated.

“She was very lucky to survive this ordeal,” Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Lt. Geoffrey Wade said. “Thank God she had a cellphone.”

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