Factor shows off its latest road bike for technophiles, the Vis Vires

Posted: July 3, 2013 by JonoShmono "SykOse. Live. Extreme." in Bike, Road cycling
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This week Factor Bikes unveiled what could be a new gold standard for technophile road cycling fanatics obsessed with self-quantifying and monitoring. The company claims that its Vis Vires is the “world’s most technologically advanced road bike,” loaded with wireless sensors, an onboard computer and power crank.It’s a title that Factor is stealing from itself, after also bestowing the same title on the product of its partnership with – a two-wheeled version of the carmaker’s One-77 supercar. While the One-77 road bike was designed as a sort of high-end luxury cycle for serious training (and priced accordingly at US$39,000), the Vis Vires provides much of the same, but comes with a price tag that’s a little closer to earth.

A Garmin Edge computer is mounted at the center of the Vis Vires' handlebars

A big part of the Vis Vires package is the integration of wireless ANT+ sensors, a name that will be familiar to many serious cyclists. The sensors come built into a lightweight frame, and pass data on to a centrally-mounted Garmin Edge bike computer for monitoring of heart rate, speed, cadence and power data. Other compatible ANT+ sensors can also be brought into the mix.

Unlike its Aston Martin-inspired predecessor, the Vis Vires will be sold in two different versions. The Ultegra Di2 model features its namesake Shimano electronic shifting system, along with a Garmin Edge 510 computer. It’s available starting in January and comes with Factor Power Cranks for £7,999/$10,441 or with Ultegra cranks for £5999/$7,830. The premium Dura-Ace Di2 model includes the Factor Power Cranks, a Garmin Edge 810 system and will be on sale a few months earlier (in August) for £9,999/$13,051.

Factor’s Power Cranks measure the power output of the cyclist’s left and right legs individually to provide performance data including details on left/right leg power balance. The cranks will also be offered as an after-market product for use on other bikes.

The Factor Power Crank

Both Vis Vires models use the same frame, with the total packages weighing in at 15.2 pounds (6.89 kg) for the Dura-Ace and 16.3 pounds (7.39 kg) for the Ultegra model. According to a release from Factor, “Each also comes equipped with full carbon clincher wheels, custom all internal cable routing and an ENVE Composites Compact handlebar. Using industry juggernauts like Cervelo and Specialized bikes as benchmarks, FACTOR’s Vis Vires excels in terms of stiffness, aerodynamics, comfort and weight, specifically performing its best at high yaw angles.”

See the Vis Vires in action and get a feel for the ride by watching the promotional video below.

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