“Oscar Pistorius wins our hearts”

Posted: June 28, 2013 by kirisyko in Extreme news
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Always good to hear both sides of the story-from those who are for and against Oscar Pistorius. An interesting read!


Oscar Pistorius “Blade Runner” Wins Our Hearts

The story of South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius and his competitive spirit is one that cannot be overlooked. […] What we love is his genuinely warm spirit and appreciation for how far he’s come.

“When I got on those starting blocks, I knew 400 is always a tough event. But I had these cramps in my cheeks, I was smiling so much. I was a mixture of butterflies and goosebumps…Getting to that point, to be able to line up on the starting blocks at a race like that, just means so much to me.”

~ Oscar Pistorius,Today In London

How can you not smile while reading that? This guy is truly humble and appreciative of the situation he’s in. He doesn’t dwell on his handicap, but instead, celebrates the fact that he’s actually competing in the Olympic Games. What an inspiring…

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