Kayaker describes close encounter with great white

Posted: June 26, 2013 by kirisyko in Kayaking, Water
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PACIFICA, Calif. —

A local fisherman Tuesday evening decribed a frightening encounter with a great white shark just off Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica that left bite marks on his kayak.

The incident happened at around 4:55 p.m. just off the popular beach in Pacifica.

Micah Flansburg was with his father-in-law kayaking near Pedro Point just off Linda Mar Beach when he felt the impact of the shark.

“Almost instantly, it came up straight underneath me,” said Flansburg.

Flansburg said the shark hit his kayak with such force it nearly knocked him right into the ocean.

“It just started shaking it,” remembered Flansburg.

The kayaker said it was all he could do to stay inside the boat as the shark continued to bump against the front of it.

“It turned into man versus beast,” said Flansburg. “I was holding on with every bit of balance that I had.”

Flansburg said it was a full 15 seconds before the shark finally let go of his kayak, ripping a nylon strap right from the top of the boat.

“That was one of the most terrifying times, because it let go and then it started swimming back around,” said Flansburg. “I was certain it was going to grab back a  hold of me.”

Flansburg’s fishing partner, his father-in-law Ross Webber, saw the whole incident.

“It was scary,” said Webber. “It wasn’t a big shark, but it was big enough to scare you.”

Webber was able to get a paddle to Flansburg and the two headed back to shore.

“I paddled as fast as I could,” laughed Webber.

The shark encounter was the talk of the beach, with people coming by to take pictures of the slashed and damaged kayak.

Locals said the shark measured between ten and 12 feet.

Flansburg lost his fishing gear, but came away with an amazing story.

“They [his friends] are the ones that are always scared of sharks and I’m trying to reassure them that it’s so rare,” said Flansburg. “To have this happen and be able to tell the tale is pretty remarkable.”

Police later said the attack occurred outside of the area where surfers and swimmers frequent.

As a precautionary measure, the Pacifica Public Works Department posted signs at the beach warning the public about the incident. A press release from the police department stated the beach will continue to be monitored.


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