Swat Summer Sports Festival in full swing

Posted: June 22, 2013 by JonoShmono "SykOse. Live. Extreme." in Adventure Racing, Fitness and Training, SykOtic
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As four-day Swat Summer Sports Festival-2013 enters the third day, the festivities are in the full swing mesmerizing the tourists coming from across Pakistan and the world. The festival has been organized by the Pakistan Army in collaboration with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at two different venues of Ushu Forest and Mahodan. There was a great fun with the people enjoying the festivity.

The tourists as well as the locals are also lauded the role of Pakistan Army, Civil Administration, people of Malakand Division for rendering sacrifices for the restoration of peace to Swat.

They also urged the government to hold such festivities across KPK including FATA to portray the world a soft image for local as well as foreign tourists to the area known as little Switzerland.
“Holding of such events would create a positive impression about Pakistan that would be carried forward by the tourists particularly those coming from abroad,” Saeed Khan, a tourist commented.
However, while celebrating the event, the people of Swat have not forgotten the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan Army and people paid tribute to those who sacrificed to restore peace in the area.
The festival features adventure sports, touch of culture, funfair and tourism.
The event comprises the adventurous sports including Para Jumps and air show, acrobats by SSG, Tent pegging Tournament, Para Gliding, Motorized gliding, Hand Gliding, remote control flying /fly past, bungee jumping, rock climbing, repelling, water sports including water scooter and jet boat riding, rafting, archery (while standing as well as on horseback), heavy bikes race (by riders club Rawalpindi), dirt bike rally (by Riders Club & local volunteers), Jeep rally from Kalam to Mahudand Lake, Marathon for environmental protection, wall net climbing, cross country, cycling, canoeing.
It also featured a musical concert by local artists, bike jump over 10 x cars (by Mr. Mir Hassan from Sibi), Fireworks (on 2nd and 3rd nights for 5 mins and 10 mins duration respectively), kite flying boating, fishing, trained dog show, Punjab Rangers drill show, Dance with fire, Mil Band display, comedy show (at night), mashal parade, Horse Riding and MP Bike Riding display.
In order to give the event a traditional touch, there were Khattak and Chitral dance display, horse dance , display of all regional dances of Pakistan including Luddi, Torwali and Makrani, display by school children, stalls depicting village life style of Swat and Kohistan, food, handicraft, dresses and blue pottery stalls.
To revive the tourism activities and to attract local as well as foreign tourists, a story of Swat through pictorial display on prominent places has been made.
A Tent City at natural sites in Ushu Forest and Mahudand Lake for nature lovers has also been set up to facilitate the visitors during the festival.
A fun land for the children was also developed in order to engage the children in healthy sports activities.

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