Brothers grab top prizes in World Extreme Games

Posted: June 13, 2013 by kirisyko in Bike, Bmx, Boarding, Skate boarding

SHANGHAI – Professional in-line skaters, the ever popular Yasutoko brothers blew the crowds away once again this year by taking both the gold and silver medals in a nail-biting finish at the 2013 Kia World Extreme Games held in Shanghai yesterday.

In front of a crowd of thousands who turned up to watch the highly anticipated In-line Vert competition, the brothers continued their legendary on-going fight for top position. However this year it was older brother Eito who surprised everyone by depriving his brother of his seventh gold medal, edging out Takeshi by a hair’s breadth of just one single point to win pole position with a score of 92.00 points.

Thrilling everyone with his signature trick of the “California Roll 1080”, Eito said of his winning performance, “Not only do I always challenge myself to beat my brother, but also myself by doing better – I am glad I managed to beat him today!”

Takeshi took home the silver at 91.00 points with newcomer to the Games, Columbian Otto Bolanos, who put up a great fight, taking home the bronze with 83.67 points.

In the Skateboard Mini-MegaRamp finals, last year’s champion of the SKB Vert, veteran pro skateboarder, American Andy MacDonald clinched gold, his first for this discipline.

Said MacDonald, “I didn’t think I would win actually, after going six times on the course unsuccessfully. I feel so lucky that the one time that I did do it was a great run! Vert is so different from the Mini-MegaRamp, as it’s so routine. With the Mini-MegaRamp, you really don’t know what to expect!”

It was a close fight between the top three, with MacDonald coming in first with 86.33 points, with compatriot Adam Taylor coming in second with 83.67 points and Brazilian Ronaldo Gomes at 81.33 points.

Frequent podium attendee and last year’s silver medalist Jeremiah Smith finished with gold medal in the BMX Street Finals. Jeremiah stepped it up in the final, leading throughout the entire jam. His creativity and style coupled with various manual tricks and the best combos of the competition led him to gold with a score of 69.00.

It was an all-American podium with all three medal winners. Taking the silver was Brad Simms, coming in close with 68.33 points with Brian Kachinsky receiving the bronze with 66.33 points.

Adding to the adrenaline-filled day at the Games was the newly added discipline in the Motorcross category, Step-Up, where bikers wowed the crowd with gravity-defying high jumps.

First time participant, American Jeff Griffin, better known as “Superman” to the crowd due to his 6’6ft height and striking looks, rode away with the first ever gold, having cleared an amazing 9.2m. Taking second and third place were compatriots Chuck Carothers and Dustin Nowak respectively.

Fans can look forward to the last day of the Kia World Extreme Games, with the Skateboard Street, Skateboard Vert and BMX Mini MegaRamp finals taking place to an expected crowd of thousands.

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