Low season means surf season in Phuket

Posted: June 7, 2013 by kirisyko in Bodyboarding, Kayaking, Kitesurfing, Knee boarding, Surfing, Wake Boarding, Water, Waterskiing
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Low season means Phuket surf season

At this time of year the wind generally comes in from the west. If you dig deep into your bits and bobs cupboard and pull out your world map you will see the Andaman Sea connects with the Indian Ocean.

The seasonal weather patterns in this area at this time of year means huge storms develop and push waves towards our small island coastline.

Most local residents turn into polar bears and hibernate for the so-called “low season”, but if you dare to venture out you will often see a pick-up truck with a long board sticking out of its tray, or two friends on a motorcycle: one pretending to drive while the other tries to keep their surfboards from being blown away in the wind.

Surfers relish this time of year and they definitely make the most of the weather. Storm equals waves, and waves equal an escape of the real world and a time for embracing nature at its best.
Low season, ha! We like to refer to it as surf season.

Next time you are down at the beach going for a stroll, take a moment and pause to soak up the action of what’s happening out on the water: the enthusiasm in the faces of the surfers, and the excitement when one comes cruising down the face of a wave.

Strangers become friends in the water, and encouragement and cheers are heard constantly when a fellow surfer takes off on a wave: “yeewlll” (an expression of excitement).

Surfing is not restricted to a surfboard, surfing can involve any craft that can be used to ride a wave.

Around Phuket you can find classic boogie boards or body boards, differently shaped short boards and longboards, kayaks, surf skis, wind surfers, kite surfers and now the very popular stand up paddle (SUP) boards.

Even though these water craft differ in size and technique when riding a wave, they all produce just as much fun. Depending on your preference I’m sure you will find a craft that suits you.

Kata, Patong, Kamala and Bangtao beaches all have surf schools, so if you’re busting at the bit to get wet, don’t hesitate and get involved!

Surf’s up!
Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell is a founding partner of Phuket stand-up paddle adventure company Stand Up Projects (standup projects.com) and Skyla’s Beach House in Kamala (skyla


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