Turkish riots lead to PKRA stage postponement

Posted: June 6, 2013 by kirisyko in Boarding, Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing, Water
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The street riots and violence that has erupted in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey, have forced the postponement of the Burn Kiteboarding World Cup 2013, scheduled for Burc Beach, Gumusdere.

“Manifestations have been ongoing for a week and sponsors do not feel it is the best time to promote a sporting event. They are still committed to the PKRA and kitesurfing but feel that running the event at a later date would be more beneficial”, the PKRA officials explain.

The organizers of the Burn Kiteboarding World Cup 2013 also believe that the time is not right to get the competition going.

“Our country has a domestic affair with the government and we have stressful and restless days since last week. Demonstrations are still continuing and all citizens connect to each other without attending any other organizations”, the Turkish riders tell.




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