Kiddies learn Scuba Safety

Posted: June 6, 2013 by kirisyko in Scuba diving, Water
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Youngsters and Ryan McCormack

Youngsters and Ryan McCormack

CHILDREN will get lessons in the dangers of swimming in canals and quarries, thanks to two scuba divers.

Ryan McCormack and Carl Farran, of Scuba With Us, have been granted almost £10,000 to fund a scheme to encourage youngsters away from open water – and into local pools for diving lessons.

The pair, from Accrington, hope to link up with schools across the area.

Director Mr Farran said: “We’re absolutely delighted that we have received the funding which will enable us to advise children about the dangers of swimming in canals, reservoirs, rivers and quarries.

“Who better to advise the children about the dangers than us divers, who do not enter open water without comprehensive trainingand equipment?

“We also hope this will give the children something to do out of school hours, and, if they like it, they can continue with us to become open water divers.”

The pair plan to visit schools together, with one in full diving kit.

Mr McCormack said: “We hope it will be a bit more interesting than just giving a talk, or just warning them against going in reservoirs.

“We want them to see that there’s something they can do in their spare time that’s fun but not dangerous.

He said that once a school had been visited, Mr Farran, a qualified instructor, would lead classes at local swimming pools.

The £9,810 funding will subsidise the cost of the recognised DiscoverScuba Diving’ session, which would normally cost £50 but could be offered to East Lancashire youngsters for £20.

Mr McCormack said: “We’ve had interest from the police schools’ liaison officer in Hyndburn.

“But we hope schools right across the area will see the benefits and get in touch.”

If the scheme is a success, the pair hope to extend it to include ‘deptherapy’ sessions for disabled people.

For more information, visit or contact Mr McCormack or Mr Farran on 01254 388366.

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