FiiK Electric Skateboards Ride into US

Posted: June 6, 2013 by kirisyko in Boarding, Skate boarding
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FiiK Electric Skateboards (, the world’s top-performing wireless remote-controlled electric skateboards, are rolled out and ready to ride in the United States. FiiK carries a full range of styles designed for on-and off-road riding, offering something for everyone – from the casual rider to adventure sports enthusiasts. Now available for purchase online or through a growing number of retailers in the US, the Australian-born skateboards are the real deal – FiiK is the world’s largest electric skateboard company.

FiiK boards are a sensation in Australia, where creators Daniel and Matthew Quinn conceived and perfected their dream to revolutionize skateboards. “We’re stoked to introduce FiiK Electric Skateboards to the United States,” said Dan Quinn. “You will truly notice the difference in every detail of a FiiK board – we spent nearly 20 years developing our boards to get the quality, reliability and robustness where we wanted it.”

When he’s not riding waves, 2012 ASP World Champion surfer, Joel Parkinson, rides FiiK skateboards, along with fellow Aussie surf pros Owen Wright, Tyler Wright and Bede Durbidge. Now FiiK Team Riders, they were early adopters and fans of the boards.

FiiK’s electric division features seven distinct styles, ranging from $395 to $1,450 depending upon model and battery type. FiiK’s signature electric skateboard, the Big Daddy, is an off-road master with uncompromising design and supreme lasting power built on an all-terrain motor; it retails for $850 with a Sealed Lead Acid battery, or $1,450 for the exclusive Lithium battery model. For complete details on the entire line, visit

Engineered to premium quality, FiiK boards exceed extreme performance standards and feature exclusively designed Lithium-Polymer (LiFePo4) battery-packs, Stepless Digital Throttle, Anti-Lock Braking with regenerative technology, LED Safety Lighting, plus loads of other system and performance features. Whether riding to the beach for a surf check, heading to off-road dirt, or hard-surface speed styling around the neighborhood, FiiK offers a match for every style. Visit to learn more or purchase online, and follow FiiK on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

About FiiK

Engineered to exceed extreme performance standards, FiiK Electric Skateboards are the ultimate riding experience on- or off-road. FiiK boards offer the most advanced maneuverability and power, with unrivaled quality in a robust design, featuring custom Lithium-Polymer batteries, stepless digital throttle, anti-lock regenerative braking, wireless pistol-grip control and LED safety lights. The culmination of big dreams and nearly 20 years of development by Australian brothers, Daniel and Matthew Quinn, FiiK Electric Skateboards are the top choice of surf pros and average Joes around the world. Visit to shop or learn more about the world’s largest electric skateboard company.


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