Survivor urges support for Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Telethon on June 10

Posted: May 20, 2013 by kirisyko in Injuries, Knee boarding, Water
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Sydney Children's Hospital Telethon

Sid Shaw at the Sydney Children’s Hospital for a check-up after a horrific kneeboarding accident last year. Picture: Craig Greenhill Source: The Daily Telegraph

TEENAGER Sid Shaw is lucky to be alive after a kneeboarding accident on a family holiday near Nambucca Heads last year.

On his first run, Sid swung wide and hit a submerged log.

He was flown to Sydney Children’s Hospital where an MRI revealed he had partially dislocated the base of his skull from his neck bones. A few millimetres either way and his injury could have been fatal.

Fitted with a life-saving halo to hold his spine and head in place, Sid spent six weeks in intensive care recovering – and months more in rehab.

He had also shattered his jaw, which had to be wired, and suffered significant nerve damage to his tongue – he was unable to talk or eat solid food.

“He didn’t speak or eat for three months, which nearly killed him … but his sense of humour pulled him through,” mum Emma said.

“He’s such a chatterbox and his teachers thought it was a laugh that he couldn’t speak because he was always getting into trouble for talking.”

Sid, 13, is still undergoing therapy but is back playing sport. The teen and his family urged people to support the hospital and donate to the Gold Telethon on June 10.

“Everyone at the hospital – doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists – they are just so brilliant,” Mrs Shaw said.

To donate go to

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