Amputee sets record by climbing Qomolangma without prosthetic limbs

Posted: May 20, 2013 by kirisyko in Climbing, High altitude mountaineering, Rock Climbing
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download (21)KATHMANDU, May 20 (Xinhua) — Sudharshan Gautam, a Nepali- Canadian citizen, has become the first amputee to climb the Qomolangma, also known as Everest in the West, without the help of prosthetic limbs, Nepalese authorities said on Monday.

“We received the information that Gautam who has no hands climbed the Mt. Everest,” Dipendra Paudel, a section official at Nepal’s Mountain Department under Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, told Xinhua.

Gautam climbed the tallest mountain on Earth to spread the message that “disability is not inability.” Gautam, who lost his hands at the age of 16, climbed Qomolangma without using prosthetic limbs.

“The ‘No Hands at the Top of the World’ climb is intended to show the world that even people living with significant physical disabilities have outstanding abilities and immense capacities,” Gautam wrote on his private blog before going to climb the Qomolangma.

The 8,848-meter-high Qomolangma saw its first spring summit this year on May 10. In this season, many climbers have set new records.

“Though he lacks hands, his courage and zeal led him to get the success in his life,” said Gyanendra Shrestha, a government official in the Qomolangma base camp.

Along with Gautam, 94 climbers, including 43 foreigners and 51 Nepali citizens, climbed the Qomolangma on Monday.

Till Monday, 348 individuals scaled the Qomolangma in this season, officials informed Xinhua.

Around 670 individuals, including 315 foreigners, are in bid to climb Mount Qomolangma. Last spring, there were 560, including 335 foreigners, participated in the event, but only 181 made it to the top.

Nepali film actor Arjun Karki and national marathon runner Sanjya Pandey have successfully climbed the world’s largest peak.

  1. sykose says:

    Very inspirational story. Must have been a helluva trek up . Was he assisted in this climb? Hats off to this brave chap.

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