Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove

Posted: March 17, 2013 by JonoShmono "SykOse. Live. Extreme." in Bike, Cyclocross, Mountain Biking, Road cycling
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The business for super-cold paws, but reduced sensitivity makes road bikes a no-no

Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove

 The first thing you notice about Craft’s Siberian Split Finger Glove, other than the fact that they look like something only a giant lobster could wear comfortably, is their weight. They are incredibly lightweight for a full winter glove.

Made from wind and weatherproof fabric, these are also insulated and have a soft fleecy lining. Combine this with the lobster claw shape, designed to maximize heat retention in fingers whilst still allowing for the use of brakes, gears etc and you’ve got a mitt/glove constructed with the fiercest cold in mind. They’ve also got reflective bits and bobs all over the place, a soft nose wipe area and silicone grippy patterns on the softshell palms.

In wear, the sizing was distinctly unisex, with the size small being perfect in the hand but the finger sections being too long for me. That said, they are a unisex glove and it’s not really too much of a problem, especially when you bear in mind the already reduced sensitivity anyway. The cuffs fastened nice and snug at the wrist (with Velcro) and kept out draughts, while the finger sections were incredibly warm, even in the coldest nastiest conditions – without too much extra bulk.

As expected from this design, sensitivity was radically reduced, and road bike controls were pretty much out of the question. For rapid fire style or grip/twist shift gears they were fine, and braking was no issue at all. The palms were comfortable too, with no real numbness problems, although I only rode mid-distance rides in them, rather than all-day outings.


The business for super-cold paws, but reduced sensitivity makes road bikes a no-no.

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