Zero RH ZW Helmet £90.00

Posted: March 14, 2013 by JonoShmono "SykOse. Live. Extreme." in Bike, Mountain Biking
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Zero RH ZW Helmet 1

Italian brand ZeroRH+ have a range of three helmets in their cycling portfolio; the ZR, the ZX and this – the ZW.

The ZW, like practically all helmets on the market,is made from an expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner which is co-moulded to the polycarbonate shell. This keeps the helmet together after the first impact just in case of a second.

This type of construction also allows for plenty of vents, 27 in all so heat transfer isn’t going to be a problem. Being able to remove material obviously means a removal of weight with the S/M tested here having a claimed weight of 230g which while not the lightest is still pretty impressive.

Unlike some helmets which seem to perch atop your head, the ZW has enough depth to feel as though it fits onto it, finishing just above the ear. To make sure it stays in place you’ll find the usual selection of straps and buckles giving plenty of adjustment. The main strap has a lateral divider below each ear which easily slides for fit and has a comfortable chin pad as well. There is also plenty of internal padding which is removable for washing.

Retention is taken care of by ZeroRH+’s Power Fit system. It’s a dial style unit much the same as seen on a lot of helmets these days which makes it easy to adjust fit on the fly. There is about 10mm of movement up or down to make it comfortable on the neck.

As far as fit goes it’s a very similar style to a Giro Atmos. Internal dimensions are 210mm in length with 170mm width so suits a more narrow head than a round one. Once adjusted it certainly stays put and it does feel very light when its on.

There is a choice of eight colours in all; red, black, white, cyan, lime, orange, white, aqua light and apart from the S/M (54-58cm) tested there is also a L/XL (58-61cm). The ZW is also available with a peak and that model is known as 0/2000 and is available in either plain black or plain white for the same price as the standard ZW.

Ninety quid is the RRP and its quite well priced compared to a lot of its competitors. The build quality looks good with no rough edges plus you get spare pads and a bag to keep it in, ideal for keeping the helmet out of damaging UV rays when its not in use.


Great looking helmet that’s backed up by good build quality and a comfortable fit. The price is pretty competitive too.

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