Red Bull Creates The Ultimate Wakeboarding Eco-Park

Posted: September 24, 2013 by kirisyko in Jet Skiing, Wake Boarding, Water, Waterskiing
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Nature’s beauty is amazing. Preserving everything it has to offer is key. Russian Wakeboarder Nikita Martyanov went on a mission to do just that. He picked up and went on a journey to find a place he’d seen in a photograph. The place was a lake that he thought would be perfect for a wakeboarding session. By air, car, sea, and even burro, Martynov found the body of water.

Martyanov was looking for Kazakhstan’s Lake Kayindy, which is a lake that was created in 1911. Once found, he and Red Bull turned it into a pretty cool Wakeboarding Eco-Park. The lake was created compliments of a landslide that was triggered by an earthquake. The tree trunks come out of the water and are perfect for a wakeboarding episode. With Jetski’s and wakeboard in tow, Martyanov rides the lake with ease. Check out the location of the lake and footage from Martyanov’s ride below.


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